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23 Maret 2016


The history repeats itself, the famous of LIGO discovery in 2016 just repeated an error -  experiment is made based on belief - in the famous eclipse experiment of 1919.

There’s basically a hole in the universe -- a region where there’s much less matter than there should be. And we don’t know why it’s there.

 "For sure, there are regions of space with far less matter — stars, gas, dust, and even dark matter — than average. In fact, there are other voids that are of comparable magnitude that have been discovered since. One could cause this effect by a large region that was completely empty of galaxies, which is the “hole in the Universe” option that many reporters (and, ahem, press releases) flock to. But it could also be caused by something far less spectacular: a minor underdensity over a larger volume/longer slice of the Universe. Until we do a dedicated, 3D cosmic map (using spectroscopy to verify the redshift of the observed galaxies) over the region of interest, we won’t know for certain how these galaxies are distributed. But as far as what you’ve heard, there may not be an interesting void there at all, much less a region with no matter of any type." (Is This Actually A Hole In The Universe?-ForbesCom)

Why all the galaxies and stars near the hole do not follow the curved path of the hole? A hole in the universe as proof that in reality there is no such thing as warped space.

There are completely empty of galaxies, and many of galaxies arround it, one looks like redshifts and the other looks like blueshifts. So, how can one is expanding and the other not expanding? It is as proof that the expanding universe is not correct and proof that there are no gravitational redshifts but cosmological redshifts/blueshifts that cause by the refraction of light, not by gravity.
"A very big hole" in the universe truly a confirmation by the universe itself / self-proving that the general relativity theory, the expanding universe, and big bang theory  was wrong.

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Einstein's Waves Is Made Based on Belief

In science fiction, space and time warps are a commonplace. They are used for rapid journeys around the galaxy, or for travel through time. But today's science fiction, is often tomorrow's science fact. (Stephen Hawking)

So, in this book below showing the facts how the general relativity theory misled physicists and astronomers for more than 100 years - opened eyes the scientific community in the world with a simple explanations and interesting analysis - that's all for the new generation of scientists and the future of science.


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