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16 Oktober 2017


Berbagi pengalaman saja, semoga bermanfaat dan dijauhkan dari mudharatnya......

Astana Sunan Gunung Jati (Wikipedia)

Pengalaman “ngalap berkah”…..

Sebelum kejadian yg akan saya ceritakan ini, saya sama sekali tidak mengerti soal-soal ziarah. Rumah orang tua saya termasuk tidak begitu jauh dari makam salah satu wali songo terkenal, dan waktu kecil saya sering bermain layang-layang di halaman makam tersebut (waktu itu masih luas, belum banyak bangunannya spt sekarang). Namun saya hanya tahu itu makam wali, yang penting jangan ganggu makam dan jangan mengucapkan kata-kata kotor di situ.

18 September 2017


A view of Hurricane Sandy from GOES East satellite-Credit: NASA GOES East, Stuart Rankin via Flickr

To save lives and reduce costs, there would be tremendous advantage if science had a way to stop a devastating hurricane like Sandy. And scientists have thought of it before. One idea that rears its head almost every hurricane season recently is the notion of bombing a hurricane into submission. The theory goes that the energy released by a nuclear bomb detonated just above and ahead of the eye of a storm would heat the cooler air there, disrupting the storm’s convection current. Unfortunately, this idea, which has been around in some form since the 1960s, wouldn’t work.

19 Agustus 2017


It is worth remembering Max Planck's response to Einstein when initially told of Einstein's plan to generalize relativity to include accelerated motions and explain gravitation as a geometric phenomena rather than being due to Newton's instantaneous action-at-a-distance "force".

Planck said: 'You are almost certainly wrong, and even if you are right, no one will believe you.'

Evidently, back ground of spacetime idea because he has no idea on the basic of astronomy; and not knowing that space and time has been applied in astronomy for long time ago. Einstein admired to Riemann geometry and 4 D (dimension) Minkovsky space, without considering the fact that Riemann geometry and Miskovsky space were not applied in astronomy. Therefore, his equation of general relativity (EFE) has no scientific meaning in astronomy.

Paperback-172 Pages

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Navigator Reveals The Fact


Hypothesis and Einstein proposed test of general relativity are closely related to astronomy, especially celestial navigation. For understanding that hypothesis and the test are not valid, physics training is needed; but more importantly is celestial navigation training. Unfortunately, physicists and astrophysicists are not trained to become experts in the field of celestial navigation. The navigators around the world will be easily to recognize the fatal flaws of these hypotheses and test. Actually, general relativity can not be proven or tested in any way. No doubt, the entire tests that says ‘general relativity is correct’ really are the case of ‘knowing the result they wanted to get’.

44 Articles on Medium April, 2016 - Sebtember , 2017

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"Obviously the astronomers has to think of the Universe as space-time continuum."(Albert Einstein).
From this statement we know that the back ground of spacetime idea because he has no idea on the basic of astronomy; and not knowing that space and time has been applied in astronomy namely the celestial sphere coordinates system, for long time ago. Einstein admired to Riemann geometry and 4 D Minkovsky space, without considering the fact that Riemann geometry and Miskovsky space were not applied in astronomy. Einstein had not realized space-time continuum is a manifold. There is no such manifold in astronomy.

15.Black Holes and Big Bang are the Old Stories.

Can the eclipse tell us if Einstein was right about general relativity?

Unfortunately, I have to answer honestly: No, that's impossible because Einstein's hypothesis is not valid.(

Paperback-74 Pages

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36.Einstein’s Proving Method Via Eclipse Is Not Scientifically Correct and Deeply Wrong.

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38.Albert Einstein Failed in Three Classical Tests (Kindle eBook):

Paperback-Length 100 Pages

The main problem of general relativity is not test of hypothesis, but the hypothesis itself. Hypothesis and Einstein proposed test of general relativity are closely related to astronomy, especially celestial navigation. For understanding that hypothesis and the test are not valid, physics training is needed; but more importantly is celestial navigation training. The navigators around the world will be easily to know the fatal mistakes of Einstein's theories. 

Actually, general relativity can not be proven or tested in any way. No doubt, the entire tests that say ‘general relativity is correct’; really are the case of ‘knowing the result they wanted to get’. 

Last update: 7 Sebtember 2017

39.Sphere of Space and Time

41.Albert Einstein Began by Rejecting the Ether Theory.

42.Deflection of Light by Refraction, Not Gravity (Curve Geometry of Spacetime)

43.Albert Einstein’s Thought Experiment and Equivalence Principle are Misleading.

44.No doubt: Einstein’s General Theory Of Relativity Was Wrong-April, 2016.

Albert Einstein Was Innocent!

I know many renowned physicists (an inventor, professor, and experts) have rejected Einstein's theory. They had submitted their proof to Nature, but always rejected by Nature. Moreover, if they know that paper is made by someone who is not famous.

It made me think (maybe I was wrong), no need for peer review paper. International journals will refuse it. They are very embarrassed to publish it when knowing Einstein's mistake is an elementary level. The high school students easily are able to know about it. If they published it, it will drop the reputation of many the world renowned scientists and Universities (again, maybe I was wrong).

Actually, what I have found is not the same as they have found. What I have found was written in the book 'The Universe and Dr.Einstein', by Lincoln Barnett, London, 1949, foreword by Albert Einstein himself, page 78-79. He (Einstein) unknowingly has demonstrated to the world that he had no idea on the basic of astronomy.(Lincoln Barnett,The Universe and Dr Einstein)

Einstein's hypothesis of GR and he proposed test via eclipse are closely related to astronomy, especially celestial navigation. The navigators around the world easily are able to know:

1. Einstein’s hypothesis of GR is invalid. GR cannot be proven or tested in anyway whatsoever.

2. Einstein would like to measure deflection of light by the sun; but he proposed test deflection of light by earth's atmosphere. He had not realized about it. Ironically, this test is not scientifically correct and deeply wrong (as seen from scientifically of astronomy).

I think the next generation of scientists must know the truth about Einstein's relativity; as presented by a gentleman scientist below:

Is Einstein's Greatest Work All Wrong—Because He Didn't Go Far Enough? From a farmhouse in the English countryside, gentleman scientist Julian Barbour plots to take relativity to its logical extreme and redefine the very nature of gravity, space, and time. (Discovery Magazine)


17 Agustus 2017


The objects appear to fall

A cable is attached to the roof of the elevator; some supernatural force begins reeling in the cable; and the elevator travels “upward” with constant acceleration, i.e. progressively faster and faster. Again the men in the car have no idea where they are, and again they perform experiments to evaluate their situation. This time they notice that their feet press solidly against the floor come up beneath them.

16 Agustus 2017


Figure 1: Mercury-Photo by NASA

Witness gravity’s quantum side in the lab: Physicists should rethink interference experiments to reveal whether or not general relativity follows classical theory, argue Chiara Marletto and Vlatko Vedral. (Nature, 11 July 2017)

A planetary system is a set of gravitationally bound non-stellar objects in orbit around a star or star system.
All planets on the planetary system revolving around the Sun due the force of gravity between the Sun and planets. They didn’t to get collide or fall toward the Sun due to the fact, there is no motion without a cause. There are also forces from planets and medium between them in the opposite direction. This phenomena can be pictured in the formula: 
Energy in =Energy out, and the result is a balance.

14 Agustus 2017


Figure 1: Hubble Space Telescope Orbits

Gravitational Lensing?

For an observer in North latitudes, the best place in the sky is the constellation Ursa Major, the familiar Big Dipper. In addition to being very easy to spot, it has the advantage of being a circumpolar constellation. That is, at latitudes greater than 30 degrees North, it is visible in the night sky at any time of year.It contains three bright stars: Alioth and Alkaid in the handle, and Dubhe.Dubhe is the so-called ‘pointer star’, leading the eye in the direction of Polaris, the North star.

13 Agustus 2017


The culmination of the Standard model was the discovery of the Higgs boson: earlier this decade at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.(The Higgs boson-CERN).What happens if genereal relativity really is not valid?

Aristotle is credited with the earliest study of formal logic, and his conception of it was the dominant form of Western logic until 19th century advances in mathematical logic.Kant stated in the Critique of Pure Reason (Preface to the Second Edition, 1787) that with Aristotle logic reached its completion.

Logic, from the Ancient Greek: λογική, originally meaning “the word” or “what is spoken”, but coming to mean “thought” or “reason”, is generally held to consist of the systematic study of the form of arguments. A valid argument is one where there is a specific relation of logical support between the assumptions of the argument and its conclusion. In ordinary discourse, the conclusion of such an argument may be signified by words like therefore, hence, ergo and so on.


Prometheus brings fire to mankind as told by Hesiod, with its having been hidden as revenge for the trick at Mecone-Wikipedia

Are you a fan of old stories? Old stories are very interesting, and often can give inspirations. For example, the story of Prometheus steals fire from heaven, or a newer, stories about black holes and big bang. Facts say that the old stories are still having a lot of fans.

So many people today — and even professional scientists — seem to me like somebody who has seen thousands of trees but has never seen a forest. (Albert Einstein). So many people today, actually, including Albert Einstein himself.

26 Juli 2017


"The inability of the human mind; not the mind, but heart with the brightest rays of religion can penetrate the darkest corners of the Universe."

That’s why there is no way to test intersection between general relativity and quantum theory through laboratory experiments.

If the Sun has gravity, why doesn’t the Earth fall into the Sun or the Moon fall into the Earth?

9 Juli 2017

Why do physicists these days say that Einstein’s theory of relativity is wrong?

"all prominent physicists accept the incredible success of general relativity as a working theory of gravity"

No, you're wrong, not the all prominent physicists agree as I mention in my answer.
1.Dr.Louis Essen, an inventor of atomic clock said:"Einstein's use of a thought experiment, together with his ignorance of experimental techniques, gave a result which fooled himself and generations of scientists."
2.Tom van Flandern: In 1998, physicist Tom Van Flandern authored a paper in Physics Letters A that remains one of the best refutations of Einstein’s version of relativity ever published. Van Flandern goes on to discuss GPS clocks, which are often cited as being proof positive of Einstein’s relativity. It may surprise you, but the GPS system doesn’t actually use Einstein’s field equations.
I added here among others:
3.Julian Barbour, is a British physicist, Ph.D. degree on the foundations of Einstein's general theory of relativity at the University of Cologne in 1968. His 1999 book The End of Time advances timeless physics: the controversial view that time, as we perceive it, does not exist as anything other than an illusion, and that a number of problems in physical theory arise from assuming that it does exist.
4.Stephen Hawking: "Their measurement had been sheer luck, or a case of knowing the result they wanted to get." Hawking reports the widespread view that the errors in the data were as big as the effect they were meant to probe. Some go further, saying that Eddington deliberately excluded data that didn't agree with Einstein's prediction.
5.Dr. Edward Dowdye Jr: “I believe if Einstein were alive today, he would take advantage of the modern techniques and the modern instruments we have and he would wind up disproving his own theory,” said Dr. Dowdye, a physicist and laser optics engineer who retired from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. He is an independent researcher and founder of Pure Classical Physics Research and he is a member of The American Physics Society.
6.Roger Anderton, Mathematical Physics, Cosmology, Theoretical Physics, said:
"Einstein Dogma enforced by American education system"
Before I know many scientists disagree with Einstein's relativity, in 2010 I’ve found evidence from the reliable source that say Albert Einstein has no ideas on the basic of astronomy. The biggest thing Einstein was wrong because Einstein had no idea on the basic of astronomy.
GR predictions: “Einstein calculated the level of their deviation and predicted that for the stars observed being the closest to the sun, their deviation was about 1.75 seconds of arc.” This is has no scientific meaning because without taking into account the altitude of star/ Sun during eclipse.
In astronomy, deviation of stars light depend on their altitude. In this case, Einstein’s hypothesis of general relativity is not valid. It means GR doesn’t meet the requirements of the scientific method.
Beside that, two fatal mistakes of Einstein; he wants measuring deflection of light by the Sun; but he proposed test measuring deflection of light by Earth’s atmosphere; he had not realized about that. Ironically, this test is not scientifically correct and deeply wrong.
Something weird and magical when experimental test’s of general relativity, test via eclipse (1919, 1922, 1927, 1936, 1952, and 1973) or test using VLBI, the result is declared general relativity was correct. This is very embarrassing to the world of science. They are not aware of making themselves look so foolish. Why didn't they know Einstein's hypothesis is not valid? Einstein's hypothesis of GR can not be tested in any scientific way.
My reference: Lincoln Barnett’s book The Universe and Dr.Einstein, London, 1949, Foreword by Albert Einstein himself, pages 78–79.
Now we have a valid astronomical data prove spacetime is false.

22 Juni 2017


“Imagination is more important than knowledge” (Albert Einstein)
Unfortunately, Einstein’s imagination lead him to the biggest blunder in modern physics for more than 100 years.

 Mercury-Photo by NASA

11 Juni 2017


When taking observe for finding the angle of bending of star light in the sky, knowing the altitude of star is just as important as measuring the time of moving celestial bodies. We must know the altitude of star quite exactly if observations are to be of any use. The reason for this is that the angle calculations all depend on the altitude of star.

24 Mei 2017


Representational image. A star forming region of space called the 30 Doradus Nebula. Understanding where in the universe FRBs come from will help us answer fundamental questions about the cosmos.-NASA/GETTY IMAGES

They’re mysterious bursts of radio waves from space that are over in a fraction of a second. Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are thought to occur many thousands of times a day, but since their first detection by the Parkes radio telescope a decade ago only 30 have been observed.

22 Mei 2017

What Happens If Gravity Probe B Succeded Test General Relativity?

The Gravity Probe B experiment was carried out in collaboration between Stanford University, NASA, Lockheed Martin and KACST.
On 4 May 2011, NASA announced the long-awaited results of Gravity Probe (GP-B), and a month later the results appeared in Phys. After more than 47 years and 750 million dollars, GP-B had succeeded in measuring the general relativistic geodetic and frame-dragging effects on orbiting gyroscopes. In this focus issue, CQG publishes a set of refereed papers that provide the complete details of the experiment, from design of the spacecraft to the final data analysis, thus bringing to a close an extraordinary chapter in experimental gravitation.

6 Mei 2017

Use Equivalence Principle And You’ll Look Like Einstein’s Happiest Thought

Einstein’s happiest thought (1907): “For an observer falling freely from
the roof of a house, the gravitational field does not exist” (left).
Conversely (right), an observer in a closed box — such as an elevator or
spaceship — cannot tell whether his weight is due to gravity or acceleration 

2 Mei 2017

High School Students Easily Be Able to Understand Einstein’s Gravity is False

Albert Einstein may be a genius, or may be Einstein’s genius is overrated. But he is a human; every human has limit. It does not matter someone has a college degree or not, as a human can make a mistake in his life. Sometimes those with a college degree like to appear as a fool. For example, if a person who is known as an expert in physics says “I’m certain, Einstein has always been right”. Of course, his statement made him look stupid.
We’ll easily be able to understand Einstein’s theory of gravity was totally wrong; even if our education advanced only through high school. Why so, and what’s the reason? That’s because Einstein’s mistakes are also at the elementary level: he had no idea on the basic of astronomy.

25 April 2017


 Prediction at 2017 solar eclipse, August 21, in USA
The first calculation of the deflection of light by mass was published by the German astronomer Johann Georg von Soldner in 1801. Soldner showed that rays from a distant star skimming the Sun’s surface would be deflected through an angle of about 0.9 seconds of arc, or one quarter of a thousandth of a degree. This angle corresponds to the apparent diameter of a compact disc (CD) viewed from a distance of about 30 kilometers (nearly 20 miles). Soldner’s calculations were based on Newton’s laws of motion and gravitation, and the assumption that light behaves like very fast moving particles. As far as we know, neither Soldner nor later astronomers attempted to verify this prediction, and for good reason: Such an attempt would have been far beyond the capability of early 19th century astronomical instruments.
Light deflection in general relativity. Over a century later, in the early 20th century, Einstein developed his theory of general relativity. Einstein calculated that the deflection predicted by his theory would be twice the Newtonian value.The following image shows the deflection of light rays that pass close to a spherical mass. To make the effect visible, this mass was chosen to have the same value as the Sun’s but to have a diameter five thousand times smaller (i.e., a density 125 billion times larger) than the Sun’s.(

19 April 2017

A Confirmation of General Relativity Won The Nobel Prize!

Stephen Hawking’s writings and statements are often surprising. As a world-leading physicist, not infrequently his writings and statements make a bit of a stir in the science world. If not he who says; it must be considered as a joke. But because he said that; then it is considered serious and gets more attention. For example, the writings and statements of Stephen Hawking in Nature in the early of 2014: ‘There are No black holes’. A number of physicists and astrophysicists reacted strongly against his idea.

16 April 2017

These Are Not Photos of Black Holes

SCIENTISTS HAVE PEERED INTO A BLACK HOLE AND TAKEN A PHOTO OF ITS EVENT HORIZON FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME. From the initial image returned, scientists should be able to test relativity. “If you know the mass of the black hole—and for Sagittarius A* we know that well—and if you know the distance of the black hole, which again we know well, then relativity predicts you will see that shadow and ring and that the ring will have a certain diameter and it will be near circular. That’s a test of relativity. If the shape isn’t circular or the wrong size, then relativity has made a prediction that has failed. That’s the first thing we’ll look at.” (Event Horizon Telescope)
Event horizon telescope will be useless; the same as radio telescope (VLBI), LIGO's twin detector and other. Einstein’s gravity (general relativity) was totally wrong (Astronomical Data Prove Spacetime Fiction)

14 April 2017

Eclipse’s Data of 1919 -1973 Verify Einstein’s Prediction Really Doesn’t Work

Image from Wikipedia
Hans C. Ohanian’s Einstein’s Mistakes: The Human Failings of Genius:
Almost all of Einstein’s seminal works contain mistakes. Sometimes small mistakes — mere lapses of attention — sometimes fundamental failures to understand the subtleties of his own creations, and sometimes fatal mistakes that undermined the logic of his arguments.
The book was reviewed positively in a recent Wall Street Journal article.
A theoretical physicist by training, Mr. Ohanian doesn’t write like one. He recounts his chronicle of errors in clear and engaging prose, giving us in the process a short course in the history of modern physics and a witty and provocative account of his subject’s life. Anyone who has read the recent biographies of Einstein by Walter Isaacson or Jürgen Neffe may find some of the material familiar, but on the whole “Einstein’s Mistakes” is original and fresh. Nor is Mr. Ohanian one of those petty biographers who delight only in turning up the failings — or turning out the dirty laundry — of great men. Rather he notes Einstein’s errors for a purpose, showing us why his achievement was all the greater for them.(Divided by zero)

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