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14 November 2016


".. for the stars observed being the closest to the Sun, their deviation was about 1.75 seconds of an arc." (Albert Einstein)

“….during totality on August 21, 2017 — although it will be close to midday — you’ll easily be able to see 4 planets with the unaided eye near the eclipsed sun!
In order of brightness, these planets will be Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. Mars is slightly brighter than Mercury, but so nearly the same in brightness that you probably won’t notice a difference.”(See 4 planets during 2017 solar eclipse).
At the 2017 solar eclipse, Monday, August 21, in USA, the bright star Regulus make a thrilling sight shinning near the Sun’s corona, this event is the best chance to test or re-examine Einstein’s general theory of relativity.
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