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19 Mei 2013



Educational Technology.  Teknologi pendidikan yang diterapkan di Angkatan Laut Inggris / Royal Navy, sejalan dengan perkembangan teknologi di negara Barat pada umumnya.   Sejak tahun 1972 Royal Navy telah menerapkan metodologi pendidikan modern yang akrab disebut Educational Technology, dengan tujuan untuk mencapai hasil guna dan daya guna maksimal.

Educational Technology sebagai suatu sistem pendidikan modern terdiri dari tiga subsistem utama, yaitu :  Education, Development, dan Training.

16 Mei 2013


Medium Power Strategy Revisited

Some fifteen years ago I set out, in a book called Maritime Strategy for Medium Powers, some ideas as to the principles by which such powers could conduct their maritime affairs in the  foreseeable future – a future which should be subject to the minimum number of assumptions.

That caveat has been justified by events  since, principally by the destruction of the assumption that the bipolar world and associated Cold War would continue indefinitely. It is therefore an opportune moment to examine whether the theories of medium-power maritime strategy, such as they are, have survived intact or need to be modified.

One critical assumption, however, must be made and needs to be stated. It is that the nation-state is and will remain the principal unit of account in the world’s strategic dealings. That is not statement that would pass unchallenged on the other side of the world. The experience of Europe, and maybe to some extent the United States, over past years has tempted many to wonder if the primacy of the nation-state has given way to other elements of the global village : federal institutions, structure alliances, multi-national corporations, irredentist factions, non-governmental organizations, powerful and media-supported special interest groups. Those complexities and doubts are perceived as less far-reaching in this part of the globe; and for what it is worth I go along with that perception.  But, even if they are given less weight in the Asia-Pacific region, account must be taken of these developments -  for which a convenient shorthand is globalization – in any re-analysis of medium-power strategy.

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