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24 Mei 2017


Representational image. A star forming region of space called the 30 Doradus Nebula. Understanding where in the universe FRBs come from will help us answer fundamental questions about the cosmos.-NASA/GETTY IMAGES

They’re mysterious bursts of radio waves from space that are over in a fraction of a second. Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are thought to occur many thousands of times a day, but since their first detection by the Parkes radio telescope a decade ago only 30 have been observed.

22 Mei 2017

What Happens If Gravity Probe B Succeded Test General Relativity?

The Gravity Probe B experiment was carried out in collaboration between Stanford University, NASA, Lockheed Martin and KACST.
On 4 May 2011, NASA announced the long-awaited results of Gravity Probe (GP-B), and a month later the results appeared in Phys. After more than 47 years and 750 million dollars, GP-B had succeeded in measuring the general relativistic geodetic and frame-dragging effects on orbiting gyroscopes. In this focus issue, CQG publishes a set of refereed papers that provide the complete details of the experiment, from design of the spacecraft to the final data analysis, thus bringing to a close an extraordinary chapter in experimental gravitation.

6 Mei 2017

Use Equivalence Principle And You’ll Look Like Einstein’s Happiest Thought

Einstein’s happiest thought (1907): “For an observer falling freely from
the roof of a house, the gravitational field does not exist” (left).
Conversely (right), an observer in a closed box — such as an elevator or
spaceship — cannot tell whether his weight is due to gravity or acceleration 

2 Mei 2017

High School Students Easily Be Able to Understand Einstein’s Gravity is False

Albert Einstein may be a genius, or may be Einstein’s genius is overrated. But he is a human; every human has limit. It does not matter someone has a college degree or not, as a human can make a mistake in his life. Sometimes those with a college degree like to appear as a fool. For example, if a person who is known as an expert in physics says “I’m certain, Einstein has always been right”. Of course, his statement made him look stupid.
We’ll easily be able to understand Einstein’s theory of gravity was totally wrong; even if our education advanced only through high school. Why so, and what’s the reason? That’s because Einstein’s mistakes are also at the elementary level: he had no idea on the basic of astronomy.

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