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26 Juli 2017


"The inability of the human mind; not the mind, but heart with the brightest rays of religion can penetrate the darkest corners of the Universe."

That’s why there is no way to test intersection between general relativity and quantum theory through laboratory experiments.

If the Sun has gravity, why doesn’t the Earth fall into the Sun or the Moon fall into the Earth?

9 Juli 2017

Why do physicists these days say that Einstein’s theory of relativity is wrong?

"all prominent physicists accept the incredible success of general relativity as a working theory of gravity"

No, you're wrong, not the all prominent physicists agree as I mention in my answer.
1.Dr.Louis Essen, an inventor of atomic clock said:"Einstein's use of a thought experiment, together with his ignorance of experimental techniques, gave a result which fooled himself and generations of scientists."
2.Tom van Flandern: In 1998, physicist Tom Van Flandern authored a paper in Physics Letters A that remains one of the best refutations of Einstein’s version of relativity ever published. Van Flandern goes on to discuss GPS clocks, which are often cited as being proof positive of Einstein’s relativity. It may surprise you, but the GPS system doesn’t actually use Einstein’s field equations.
I added here among others:
3.Julian Barbour, is a British physicist, Ph.D. degree on the foundations of Einstein's general theory of relativity at the University of Cologne in 1968. His 1999 book The End of Time advances timeless physics: the controversial view that time, as we perceive it, does not exist as anything other than an illusion, and that a number of problems in physical theory arise from assuming that it does exist.
4.Stephen Hawking: "Their measurement had been sheer luck, or a case of knowing the result they wanted to get." Hawking reports the widespread view that the errors in the data were as big as the effect they were meant to probe. Some go further, saying that Eddington deliberately excluded data that didn't agree with Einstein's prediction.
5.Dr. Edward Dowdye Jr: “I believe if Einstein were alive today, he would take advantage of the modern techniques and the modern instruments we have and he would wind up disproving his own theory,” said Dr. Dowdye, a physicist and laser optics engineer who retired from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. He is an independent researcher and founder of Pure Classical Physics Research and he is a member of The American Physics Society.
6.Roger Anderton, Mathematical Physics, Cosmology, Theoretical Physics, said:
"Einstein Dogma enforced by American education system"
Before I know many scientists disagree with Einstein's relativity, in 2010 I’ve found evidence from the reliable source that say Albert Einstein has no ideas on the basic of astronomy. The biggest thing Einstein was wrong because Einstein had no idea on the basic of astronomy.
GR predictions: “Einstein calculated the level of their deviation and predicted that for the stars observed being the closest to the sun, their deviation was about 1.75 seconds of arc.” This is has no scientific meaning because without taking into account the altitude of star/ Sun during eclipse.
In astronomy, deviation of stars light depend on their altitude. In this case, Einstein’s hypothesis of general relativity is not valid. It means GR doesn’t meet the requirements of the scientific method.
Beside that, two fatal mistakes of Einstein; he wants measuring deflection of light by the Sun; but he proposed test measuring deflection of light by Earth’s atmosphere; he had not realized about that. Ironically, this test is not scientifically correct and deeply wrong.
Something weird and magical when experimental test’s of general relativity, test via eclipse (1919, 1922, 1927, 1936, 1952, and 1973) or test using VLBI, the result is declared general relativity was correct. This is very embarrassing to the world of science. They are not aware of making themselves look so foolish. Why didn't they know Einstein's hypothesis is not valid? Einstein's hypothesis of GR can not be tested in any scientific way.
My reference: Lincoln Barnett’s book The Universe and Dr.Einstein, London, 1949, Foreword by Albert Einstein himself, pages 78–79.
Now we have a valid astronomical data prove spacetime is false.
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