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26 Februari 2013


Military tactic is just like water, flowing on its current naturally, namely from the high place flowing down to lower one. And so is in a war. Avoid the strong sides but attack the weak ones.

Water forms its current pursuant to the kind of land it flows. The soldiers will combat for their victory depending on the enemy they face. Therefore, just like water which is always not in fixed form, the condition in war will never be constant.
Stay away from enemy having perfect banners, avoid attacking a good troop in strong reliable structure is an art in learning the environment.

If our power is not in balance with the power of our enemy, it means that it is not necessary for us to make a direct attack.

(Sun Tzu)

The structure of strength of a fleet or sea combating force is determined by the number of ships and their types, condition and their capabilities.  A big power structure does not always guarantee its strength. And although the factor of technological superiority is still determinant, however it still depends on its situation and condition. It is for this reason that the term “the strong side” of a combating power at the sea shall be meant pursuant to its various situation in dimension of space and time.

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