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31 Januari 2013


The Java Sea battle broke  on February 27, 1942 and caused the destruction and the sinking of the allies fleet together with its Fleet Commander, Rear Admiral Karel Doorman.
The destruction of allies fleet, not only because of being in a hurry to leave for a battle field, but also arriving at the battle field in tiresome and exhausted condition. The combating spirit and morality of the fleet under the command of Admiral Doorman steeply dropped, besides  due to the factor of consecutive  destruction in Pearl Harbor and in Kuantan waters, it was also caused by the factor of command which was not yet well integrated.

25 Januari 2013


Sea battle occurring on day time, but in dark weather due to thick fog and heavy rain was the Coral Sea Battle, taking place on May 7-8, 1942.  The Coral Sea Battle occurred when the American task force led by Rear Admiral Jack Fletcher tried to prevent the Japanese landing to Port Moresby.  

The battle in Coral Sea was a very specific sea war, because for the first time in history of sea war, a task force of carrier ships confronted with another task force of carrier ships.

24 Januari 2013


The Battle of Midway took place on June, 1942, one month after the battle of Coral Sea. The failure of its maneuver in Coral Sea did not cause the Japanese strategy designers withdraw nor change the strategy and the operational pattern of its fleets.   Seemingly, the obsession of Yamamoto to destroy the American Fleet in Pacific never came to vague, and so was his obsession to match the  achievement of Admiral Togo at the battle in Tsushima.


A Ruler may not order his soldiers to go to the war only because to fulfill his narrow-minded intention; a  Commander may not go to the war only because he feels irritated.

(Sun Tzu)

In the historical record, in the year  1588,   the Spanish King  Philip II  felt irritated to the conduct of  Queen Elizabeth I,  because this Queen of England as his main competitor in trade, even granted the Noble Title to the pirate leaders who frequently pirated the Spanish trading ship.    Philip was very furious, and sent his 131  warships to conquer British.
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