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11 Juni 2017


When taking observe for finding the angle of bending of star light in the sky, knowing the altitude of star is just as important as measuring the time of moving celestial bodies. We must know the altitude of star quite exactly if observations are to be of any use. The reason for this is that the angle calculations all depend on the altitude of star.

During the eclipses, the beam of light from the star is deflected by the gravitational

field of the Sun. Consequently, for the observer on Earth the position of the star appears to have shifted from its true position.(Image credit:

Predictions of General Relativity

Einstein predicted several experimental effects in which General Relativity differs from Newtonian Gravity:

Deflection of Light by Gravity: A direct consequence of the equivalence principle is that light should be deflected or bent by gravity. Einstein twice calculated the amount that light would be deflected passing by the sun, the largest “nearby” mass. His first calculation used only the Equivalence Principle and the equivalent mass-energy of a visible photon. In his second calculation, published in 1916, he included the space-time metric, which describes the curvature of space and time caused by gravity and got an answer twice as large as his first calculation. The second calculation predicts that light from a distant star passing by the limb of the sun would be deflected by 1.75 arcseconds (less than 1/2000th of a degree).

This prediction without any explanation the altitude of the star or solar eclipse; at minimum solar eclipse or at maximum solar eclipse, therefore, this prediction has no scientific meaning. The value bending of starlight isn’t the same at the minimum solar eclipse and at the maximum solar eclipse, to be more precisely, the value bending of starlight depends on altitude of star/eclipse. So, this predictions isn’t valid. Something weird and magical when experimental test’s of general relativity-test via eclipse or test using VLBI-the result is declared general relativity was correct. This is very embarrassing to the world of science. They are not aware of making themselves look so foolish. Lack of knowledge on the basic of astronomy.

Deflection of stars light depend on their altitude

Bending of starlight or deviation is caused by the occurrence of light refraction reaching to our eyes. The light refraction causing the presence of apparent star is called ‘astronomical light curve’ or ‘astronomical refraction’, whereas the thing causing the presence of the illusive sky edge is called ‘earthy light curve’ or “terrestrial refraction”.
In astronomy, astronomical refraction commonly known as ‘refraction’ and terrestrial refraction known as ‘DIP’ is described in the figure below. The value of refraction depends on the star’s altitude, and the DIP’s value depends on the height of the place of observation or height of eye.

Deviation of stars depend on their altitude

Apparent altitude of star:

Star 1 : The angle of A-H-Star 1,
Star 2 : The angle of A-H-Star 2,
Star 3 : The angle of A-H-Star 3,
Star 4 : The angle of A-H-Star 4.

Actual altitude of Star:

Star 1 : The angle of B -C-Star 1,
Star 2 : The angle of B-C-Star 2,
Star -3 : The angle of B-C-Star 3,
Star 4 : The angle of B-C-Star 4.

Actual altitude = Apparent altitude-(Refraction Correction + DIP Correction).

Apparent altitude of star 4 is the same with actual altitude = 90 degrees, deviation is: 0.

Basic of astronomy described above is the most important thing that Einstein and many other scientists those who accepted general relativity, had failed to understand, so far.

“Einstein’s prediction of light deflection could not be tested immediately in 1915, because the First World War was in progress, and it was not until 1919 that a British expedition, observing an eclipse from West Africa, showed that light was indeed deflected by the sun, just as predicted by the theory. This proof of a German theory by British scientists was hailed as a great act of reconciliation between the two countries after the war. It is ionic, therefore, that later examination of the photographs taken on that expedition showed the errors were as great as the effect they were trying to measure. Their measurement had been sheer luck, or a case of knowing the result they wanted to get, not an uncommon occurrence in science. (Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time).

Thus, general relativity has been totally wrong since the beginning. Einstein’s gravity is nonsense. Einstein’s hypothesis doesn’t meet requirements of the scientific method. How could general relativity trusted to be one of pillar of the standard model of physics?
Einstein’s Impossible Hope Finally Achieved by Scientists, including renowned astrophysicist Mario Livio-Newsweek Tech & Science

Believe it or not, since 2014 I wrote a lot of articles about the fatal mistakes of Einstein’s theories with the main reference Lincoln Barnett’s book (The Universe and Dr.Einstein, London, 1949). But in this day searching on the internet I find the article below:
The Eclipse Data From 1919: The Greatest Hoax in 20th Century Science


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