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7 Januari 2020

About Proving Method of General Relativity

Evidence of Einstein’s Proving Method

The Evidence 2016The proving method of a theory as suggested by Einstein was recorded at the book ‘The Universe and Dr. Einstein’ written by Lincoln Barnett, published for the first time in London in June 1949. The Preface of this book was written by Albert Einstein himself.

“From these purely theoretical considerations Einstein concluded that light, like any material object, travels in a curve when passing through the gravitational field of a massive body. He suggested that his theory could be put to test by observing the path of starlight in the gravitational field of the Sun. Since the stars are invisible by day, there is only one occasion when Sun and stars can be seen together in the sky, and that is during an eclipse.

Einstein proposed therefore, that photographs be taken of the stars immediately bordering the darkened face of the sun during an eclipse and compared with photographs of those same stars made at another time. According to his theory, the light from the stars surrounding the Sun should be bent inward, toward the Sun, in traversing the Sun’s gravitational field; hence the images of these stars should appear to observer on earth to be shifted outward from their usual positions in the sky.

Einstein calculated the degree of deflection that should be observed and predicted that for the stars closest to the Sun the deviation would be about 1.75 seconds of an arc.Since he staked his whole General Theory of Relativity on this test, men of science throughout the world anxiously awaited the findings of expeditions which journeyed to equatorial regions to photograph the eclipse of May 29, 1919. When their pictures were developed and examined, the deflection of the starlight in the gravitational field of the sun was found to average 1.64 seconds— figure as close to perfect agreement with Einstein’s prediction as the accuracy of instruments allowed.“

The proving method on the theory on general relativity as requested by its founder, Albert Einstein, is not scientific and deeply wrong:

1.Deflection of light is the different angle between true position and apparent position of stars or the different of altitude. In astronomy, true position and apparent position of stars are three dimensionals.

All the photographs be taken of the stars are two dimensionals.

In this case Einstein ignored ‘The Space and Time’ or Celestial Sphere (Celestial Coordinate System), and ignored light refraction as the fundamental concepts in astronomy.

2.All the photographs be taken of solar eclipse ( the Sun and stars ) are photographs of the apparent positions of the Sun and stars. From these photos can not be use to calculate the deflection of light. No one can determine the correct angle of the deflection of light.

In this case Einstein ignored the experimental techniques

3.In astronomy, all calculations to determine the true position and the apparent position of a certain star at the sky is only applicable at a certain time and at a certain place on which such observation is performed.

To compared the photographs taken during an eclipse with photographs of those same stars made at another time is not scientific.

Conclusions: Einstein’s proving method for his hypothesis the deflection of light by the Sun is not scientific and deeply wrong. General relativity has been wrong since the beginning.

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