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7 Mei 2016


“What should you do when you find you have made a mistake like that? Some people never admit that they are wrong and continue to find new, and often mutually inconsistent, arguments to support their case “ (Stephen Hawking)


Isaac Newton thought the influence of gravity was instantaneous, but Einstein assumed it travelled at the speed of light and built this into his 1915 general theory of relativity.

Light-speed gravity means that if the Sun suddenly disappeared from the centre of the Solar System, the Earth would remain in orbit for about 8.3 minutes – the time it takes light to travel from the Sun to the Earth. Then, suddenly feeling no gravity, Earth would shoot off into space in a straight line.

But the assumption of light-speed gravity has come under pressure from brane world theories, which suggest there are extra spatial dimensions rolled up very small. Gravity could take a short cut through these extra dimensions and so appear to travel faster than the speed of light – without violating the equations of general relativity.

But how can you measure the speed of gravity? One way would be to detect gravitational waves, little ripples in space-time that propagate out from accelerating masses. But no one has yet managed to do this.

Kopeikin found another way. He reworked the equations of general relativity to express the gravitational field of a moving body in terms of its mass, velocity and the speed of gravity. If you could measure the gravitational field of Jupiter, while knowing its mass and velocity, you could work out the speed of gravity.
Bending waves

The opportunity to do this arose in September 2002, when Jupiter passed in front of a quasar that emits bright radio waves. Fomalont and Kopeikin combined observations from a series of radio telescopes across the Earth to measure the apparent change in the quasar’s position as the gravitational field of Jupiter bent the passing radio waves.

From that they worked out that gravity does move at the same speed as light. Their actual figure was 0.95 times light speed, but with a large error margin of plus or minus 0.25.

Their result, announced on Tuesday at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle, should help narrow down the possible number of extra dimensions and their sizes.

Gravitational waves are not part of the electromagnetic waves. Gravitational waves and electromagnetic waves are quite different. Measuring the speed of gravity in September 2002 by Kopeikin - radiowaves from quasar are bent by Jupiter's gravity and focused into a ring-was wrong:

1.There is no evidence radiowaves are bent by Jupiter's gravity.

2.Einstein's general theory of relativity was wrong. Light/electromagnetic waves are bent by refraction, not gravity.

3.Kopeikin’s experiment was wrong: It is Not the speed of gravity, but the propagation of radiowaves from quasar or the speed of light.

Question arise: What’s wrong with gravitational waves discovery by LIGO in 11 February 2016?

What new discoveries would have blown Einstein’s mind away if he would be transported to today’s era?
1.The Modern of Astronomy / Astronomical Navigation and the use of Nautical Almanac, can prove his special and general relativity was totally wrong, his proving method for ‘defelction of light by the Sun’ is not scientific and deeply wrong, the famous Arthur Eddington’s eclipse experiment of 1919 actually was error, and he realizes that’s why he never received Nobel Prize for his relativity.
He will realizes many of physicists make a mistake that was caused by his theory, and there are many unsolved mysteries in physycs. Many discovery in modern physics was wrong: measuring the speed of gravity, gavitational waves ..
He will realizes that he failed not only single one but three in classical tests.
2.Internet and google search can make 15 years old high school student become more genius than genius in the era of his life. (QuoraCom).

Sorry, Einstein, Kopeikin, LIGO, and all Einstein’s supporters those who said: “ I am certain, Einstein has always been right!”

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