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11 April 2020

How do you feel when you smell the frankincense’s smoke?

How do you feel when you smell the frankincense’s smoke?
First, you will feel the sensation of mystical aromas, and secondly there is something you might not realize, which is that you will feel better than before. And what actually happens is that the respiratory tract in your body is being cleansed by the smell of the frankincense’s smoke …The respiratory tract is cleaned of negative ions and from microorganisms that interfere with health.
And if that is often done, then your heart will be cleansed, and that is what makes you feel better, feel healthier, feel more calm, and peaceful in your heart …
At first I thought that the habit of burning incense that was practiced by people in ancient times, including what my grandmother did when I was a child, was related to something magical or mystical. But finally I realized that my grandmother in the past was not a highly educated person, she didn’t know about radiation, about negative ions, or things related to microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses … All of that she called by one term .. annoying devil ….and burning incense aims to repel the intruder, in order to maintain the health of the family.
In short, what I want to say in this article is that the habit of burning frankincense is actually very beneficial for health.
In order to deal with the current pandemic caused by coronavirus / covid-19, which has caused many fatalities, including death tolls from physicians and medical personnel, I encourage every home and every building owner, including hospitals, to be treated with frankincense’s smoke. I disagree with spraying disinfectant, because it is risky for workers and there may be a later impact on the environment being sprayed. In my opinion, not disinfectant but be smoked with frankincence’s smoke.
All rooms are smoked with frankincense’s smoke for only 10–15 minutes, and repeated again some time later, the air in the room will be cleaned, free of microorganisms or negative ions that can cause disease.
May God bless us all. Aamiin…
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