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20 Maret 2017


There are at least 5 logical fallacies of Einstein's special and general theory of relativity, and this book reveals evidence and reasoning that general relativity doesn't meet the principles of scientific method.
This book try to convey prediction using astronomical test of general relativity  at 2017 total solar eclipse, in USA, August 21, and  shows that astronomical data of 2017 eclipse prove spacetime is false.


I would like to express my gratitude to the many people who saw me through my books; to all those who provided support, read, buy, and offered comments.

Thank so much to Lincoln Barnett, hopefully be happy in Heaven, for tells  me through his book The Universe and Dr.Einstein. Thank so much to Dr.Louis Essen, hopefully be happy in Heaven, and Professor Tom Van Flanderm, who make me sure about invalidity of general relativity.

Here my claims:
Einstein’s hypothesis of deflection of light by the Sun is false, and Einstein proposed test of deflection of light by the Sun via eclipse is not scientifically correct and deeply wrong, the results will always be an error. Einstein general theory of relativity was totally wrong. I’ve explained evidence and reasoning in this book entitle Logical Fallacies Of Special And General Theory Of Relativity, Second Edition: General Relativity Doesn’t Meet The Principles Of Scientific Method.

Last and not least: my apologies for any my shortcomings on writing in a language not my mother’s language.

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