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23 Agustus 2015


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Einstein’s prediction of light deflection could not be tested immediately in 1915, because the First World War was in progress, and it was not until 1919 that a British expedition, observing an eclipse from West Africa, showed that light was indeed deflected by the sun, just as predicted by the theory. This proof of a German theory by British scientists was hailed as a great act of reconciliation between the two countries after the war. It is ionic, therefore, that later examination of the photographs taken on that expedition showed the errors were as great as the effect they were trying to measure. Their measurement had been sheer luck, or a case of knowing the result they wanted to get, not an uncommon occurrence in science.(Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time, 1985).

The tests of General Relativity as suggested by Einstein : the photo taken to the stars at the time when the sun was dark during the solar eclipse was compared to the photo of the same stars taken at another time’. The words ‘at another time’ means proposal suggested by Einstein is not at all scientific, the reasons are explained by the following pictures.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 1 is two stars portrait taken by an observer from point A in the earth at a time, and Figure 2 is the same portrait of two star, taken by the same observer from point B in the earth at another timeeg two months later. Point A located in Europe, while the point B located in the Africa continent, the two point  has a big different of the latitude and longitude.
    The two sightings of  stars will always be different because point A and B has its own Celestial Sphere. The Celestial Sphere is only applicable at a certain time and at a certain place on which such observation is performed. Therefore, the two portraits can not be compared.
    And again ..... the two portraits is the appearance of Apparent Position of the two stars, not the the True Position. Therefore,  from the two portraits could not be use to calculate the angular difference between True Position and Apparent Position of stars that becomes the object of observation.
Conclusions: The tests / proving method on the theory on general relativity as requested by its founder, Albert Einstein, is unjustifiable from scientific point of view of the astronomy. In addition, a hypothesis stating that the light is bent by gravity of massive object ignores the existence of light refraction (Snell’s Law). 
   If a scientist conveys a theory and at the same time shows its proving method, however after being tested by another scientist it is found out that his proposed proving method is proven to be unable to be performed due to not being scientific, then automatically such proposed theory prematurely falls by itself. And the proving cannot be  carried out by other methods not  as requested by the theory founder, since it is reasonably assumed that such proving is made based on belief.
    The general relativity theory has been wrong since the beginning. True, general relativity theory is wrong.

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