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25 Februari 2015


    Command has the responsibility to create combat forces, to support combat forces, and to employ combat forces. Strategy is the comprehensive directions of all elements of power to control situations and areas in order to attain objectives. Tactics is the immediate employment of specific forces and weapons to attain the specific objectives determined by strategy. Logistics is the creation and sustained support of weapons and combat forces to be tactically employed to attain strategic objectives.

21 Februari 2015


Doctrine should be continually re-examined and improved. This, of course, is one of the important features of operations analysis ( Henry E.Eccles,Rear Admiral,Military Concepts and Philosophy,1965 )

INFLUENCES on the strategy process are both numerous and important. Most are relatively well known and understood because they are similar to the influences that affect almost any political decision. This chapter, however, deals with an influence peculiar to national security strategy decisions—military doctrine. A detailed examination of doctrine is in order for at least two reasons. Doctrine has, or should have, an extraordinary impact on the strategy process, and doctrine is an ill-defined, poorly understood, and often confusing subject in spite of its considerable importance.

31 Januari 2015



    Semua orang mendambakan kebahagiaan, tetapi tidak semua orang memahami apa sebenarnya kebahagiaan itu.  Jika kebahagiaan diibaratkan sebagai suatu benda yang memiliki bentuk, ukuran dan warna tertentu, maka setiap orang yang mendambakan kebahagiaan harus mengenali benda tersebut sebelum berusaha mencari dan menemukannya untuk dimiliki.  Jika mereka belum mengenali benda tersebut, tentu saja pencariannya akan sia-sia belaka. Untuk mengenali kebahagiaan yang diibaratkan sebagai suatu benda tersebut diperlukan penjelasan, atau katakanlah suatu teori tentang kebahagiaan.

20 Januari 2015


Twin study shows environmental factors play a greater role than genetic ones in shaping individual immunity.

By Jenny Rood | January 16, 2015

11 Januari 2015


While some point to a grand bargain between China and Japan over disputed territory in the East China Sea, such a deal might simply be unfair to Japan—as it holds the superior claim. 


Sociologists who measure anxiety levels of entire nations have concluded that the US is, by far, the most anxious nation on Earth. About one in three Americans can be expected to suffer anxiety at some point in their lifetime, compared with one in four Colombians, who occupy the second world-anxiety slot. Curiously, nations where people face more basic struggles in life, like securing clean water to drink, are markedly less anxious than Americans. 'According to the 2002 World Mental Health Survey, people in developing-world countries such as Nigeria are up to five times less likely to show clinically significant anxiety levels than Americans.'

28 Desember 2014


Where the unthinkable could happen.

It seems these days the world is literally on fire. Conflict continues on and off in Ukraine, there are tensions throughout the Asia-Pacific, Ebola is on the rampage, ISIS continues its bloody war of attrition throughout Syria, into Iraq and on and on. Yet, could something even worse be on the horizon—a conflict with more-severe global ramifications?

21 Desember 2014


Argentina invades the Falklands

[extract from Margaret Thatcher The Downing Street Years (1993), pp173-85]

Nothing remains more vividly in my mind, looking back on my years in 10 Downing Street, than the eleven weeks in the spring of 1982 when Britain fought and won the Falklands War. Much was at stake: what we were fighting for eight thousand miles away in the South Atlantic was not only the territory and the people of the Falklands, important though they were. We were defending our honour as a nation, and principles of fundamental importance to the whole world - above all, that aggressors should never succeed and that international law should prevail over the use of force. The war was very sudden. No one predicted the Argentine invasion more than a few hours in advance, though many predicted it in retrospect. When I became Prime Minister I never thought that I would have to order British troops into combat and I do not think I have ever lived so tensely or intensely as during the whole of that time.

19 Desember 2014


The vision of Indonesia as a “global maritime nexus” (poros maritim dunia) gained prominence during the presidential campaign and seems set to become a central focus.  While Indonesia’s emergence as a maritime power is by no means assured—it will face many challenges ahead—we may be witnessing the dawn of a new era in Indonesian history.

11 Desember 2014




   Alphonsus Kelly, an Ireland engineer, in his lecture at Trinity College, Dublin, on February 15, 1996, stated that the Einstein’s Relativity theory might be wrong. Kelly revealed the experiment of Sagnac, the French physicist in the year 1914, showing that the time taken by a light to complete one rotation is found to be different from the time taken by one rotation in opposite direction. The Sagnac’s experiment proved that the speed of light was not constant. It is different from Einstein’s theory stating that the light velocity is constant.
   Reaction was given by an English astronomer, Arnold Wolfendale, stating that to design an experiment to prove that the light velocity is not constant is really a difficult thing to do.
   “ You cannot demolish a very strong theory such as Einstein’s Relativity only be based on a cheap experiment,” said Wolfendale reffering to Kelly’s opinion indicating that Enstein was wrong just based on Sagnac’s experiment. Wolfendale added that the particle accelerator all over the world have proven the truth of Einstein’s Relativity.
   “ We are engineer, will never give up, “ said Kelly to The Times. “ I know there is a priest preaching a mystery not known to him, and I think the physicists do the same thing.”

   Einstein’s theories, either Special Relativity or General Relativity, in principle arose from the firmness and faith of Einstein upon the harmony of universe. Einstein believed the universe was entirely always symmetrical and harmonious that should have been created by Supreme Intelligence.
   In gigantic scale, the universe is so homogenous. In whatever directions we look at all dots in the sky, they look the same and uniform. This is frequently asked by the scientists, and it creates the idea about the theory of establishment of universe, the beginning and the end of the universe in their opinions.
   Einstein’s general relativity theory stating that the natural law for all systems were equally applicable without being affected by their movements. This was a development of Special Relativity, and was announced in 1916. Einstein also issued a hypothesis considering the light as a particle. Therefore, light is influenced by gravity. Based on this hypothesis Einstein concluded that the light just as other material objects, moved in curve if gravity field of an object was massive. Such Einstein’s hypothesis on light caused dualism in modern physics, namely Dualism of Particle Wave.

   Justification or denial to a certain theory is best proven by self-proving concept. The self-proving concept was first presented by Aristotle in the 3rd  century BC. Such a concept was also strongly held by Einstein, in which he was reluctant to accept a non self-proving theory.
   Many theories of physics exposed at the beginning of the 20th century were self-proving, such as Photoelectric Effects conducted by Einstein, as a support to the Quantum Theory presented by Max Planck in 1900, that had been self-proven. It even produced the most admired technology at present : Information Technology.
   But Einstein’s Relativity Theory, from the beginning until now is still controversy. Let us note that in practice for the General Relativity Theory, if Einstein’s theory of general relativity was correct, then the light from stars that passed closest to the sun would show the greatest  degree of bending, and the stars whose light tracks are very far from the sun have their lights not being bent or deflected. The stars whose lights are not deflected means that there is no difference between the apparent position and the true position of the stars.

   If being consistent with this theory, it means that all stars visible at night time are at the appearance of the stars on their true positions, because the said stars do not pass through the field of gravity. This is certainly incorrect if it is seen from the astronomical scientific point of view.  The stars  in the sky at night time and seen by the observers, all are stars on apparent positions, not on their true / actual  positions.

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7 Desember 2014


Alphonsus Kelly, an Ireland engineer, in his lecture at Trinity College, Dublin, on February 15, 1996, stated that the Einstein’s Relativity theory might be wrong. Kelly revealed the experiment of Sagnac, the French physicist in the year 1914, showing that the time taken by a light to complete one rotation is found to be different from the time taken by one rotation in opposite direction. The Sagnac’s experiment proved that the speed of light was not constant. It is different from Einstein’s teory stating that the light velocity is constant.

20 November 2014


Destroyer Sheffield burning

In his memoirs, former UK Defence Secretary Sir John Nott describes France as Britain's "greatest ally" during the Falklands War. But formerly secret papers and other evidence seen by the BBC show that was not the full story.
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